The start - 3rd July 2011

Long Distance Races 2013

The Long Distance Races this year are starting with an experimental format. In previous years crews have raced from Horahora Domain to Karapiro Domain with some visiting crews putting their boats in the water at Horahora and local crews having to row there.

Update 28/05/13 - I have no idea what is happening with the race this weekend coming. I don't know if it is starting at Horahora or Karapiro; your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps the Waikato Rowing Association webmaster has been given more up to date information... you can have a look here if you wish

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The first race this year will be from the Karapiro Domain to a point 3km upriver near the first pylons and back, twice, making a total distance of approximately 12km. Those of you not wanting to do the full distance can do just a single lap.

The races are open to any class of boat from single to octuple and points are awarded to participating clubs for the number of rower entries; these points accumulate throughout the series.

Race Dates for the winter series races are

  • Sunday 12th May 2013
  • Sunday 2nd June 2013
  • Sunday 7th July 2013
  • Sunday 4th August 2013
  • Sunday 1st September 2013
  • Sunday 6th October 2013 (tbc)

Registration is 8:30am wherever the race is starting

Race Start is 9:00am (roughly)

Random spectator at the WRA Junior Regatta holding the Pete Thomas 'Mangakino Oar' trophy won by HGHS at this regatta on 2nd February 2013.

Sunday 12/05/13 - The day was bright and clear and the lake was its usual calm and glassy self. There were crews from Cambridge High School and Cambridge Masters, Waikato, Hamilton, Hauraki and Kings College along with lots of people to give them advice. The safety boats were manned by Don, John, Roger & Malcolm with Bryce & Jeannine an the finish and the late Mike bossing everyone around and CRC provided the barbeque for the cooking of the gourmet snags.


12/05/2013 12:11pm 2:30pm 4:30pm and I'm still waiting!!! 6:30pm - Got It!

Boat # Crew Boat type Crew name Time    
3 Waikato RC Mens Master Single Jeff M 34.08 68.50   1 Lap 2 laps
4 King's College RC Boys U16 Single Harry 35.15 71.42   1 Lap 2 laps
5 King's College RC Mens Master Single Chris 38.52 75.58   1 Lap 2 laps
8 Cambridge RC Mens Master Single Stephen 36.35   1 Lap 2 laps
11 Cambridge HSRC Boys U16 Single Anthony 43.02   1 Lap 2 laps
14 Hauraki RC Mens Single Luke 38.51   1 Lap 2 laps
20 Hauraki RC Boys U16 Double James 35.08   1 Lap 2 laps
21 Hauraki RC Womens double Melissa 34.47   1 Lap 2 laps
22 Hamilton RC Mens Mast. Double Tony 38.45 78.00   1 Lap 2 laps
23 Hamilton RC Mens Mast. -4 Ty 33.29   1 Lap 2 laps
24 Waikato RC Mens Quad Anthony 28.17 57.17   1 Lap 2 laps
27 Waikato RC Mens Quad Matty 31.17   1 Lap 2 laps
28 Cambridge RC Mens Mast. Quad Mark 33.53 68.01   1 Lap 2 laps
31 Cambridge RC Womens Mast. Quad Sam 38.00 75.31   1 Lap 2 laps
34 Cambridge HSRC Boys U16 Quad Corey 34.30 72.20   1 Lap 2 laps
35 Cambridge HSRC Boys U16 Quad Josh 33.40 69.10   1 Lap 2 laps
38 Hauraki RC Womens Quad Sarah 35.24   1 Lap 2 laps
39 Hamilton RC Womens Quad Tarina 34.59 71.08   1 Lap 2 laps
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Disclaimer - All information is provided here without any guarantees of accuracy due to limited information about these races being published, if at all.