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DAY 30 - Fareham to Heathrow & Hong Kong 27/06/2005
We returned the motorhome to the hire company and the guy kindly dropped us off (as he had done when we arrived) at the train station. We caught the train back to Woking where we waited over an hour for the bus to Heathrow becauseBritish Airways at Heathrow the motorway was blocked with an accident. We then caught the hoppa bus to our hotel. The Novotel people don’t like people paying in cash but we needed to get rid of some cash and didn't want to incur any credit card charges as well as exchange losses.

To fill in time we walked to the nearest shops and transferred out English bank account funds to NZ. We then caught a train to Southall an Indian suburb full of $2 type shops and Sari vendors, just like Fiji.

It was kind of sad leaving England but also kind of good to be on the way home. We waited some time at Heathrow in a totally different environment than when we first arrived. This time it wasn't a public holiday and the airport was crowded. There were constant public address calls to not leave your luggage unattended. The airport had the most amazing food stall that sold smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill bagels. Our plane was again overflowing with Asians and the food kept flowing. It was much better knowing we only had an 12 hour flight ahead of us and not 24 hours.

Even the Hong Kong airport seemed busier but again we had arrived in the morning and not midnight like last time. The airport looks so sterile and the people regimental.

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