Living in France for 3 months with Jeannine & Roger

Allemans du Dropt bridge

Loubès-Bernac 4th May

We went back to the small village of Loubès-Bernac to complete a series of geocaches and to have our three course lunch experience. One cache achieved along with some history and one cache unfound but it took us to an old mill now used as a house. The town once had four mills of which three have been turned into residences, quite quaint if you like small rooms and winding stairs.

Windmill House

Our taste of France today is at their only restaurant, caterer and ‘Salon de The’, that’s the French word for today ‘tearoom’. The restaurant is called En Toute Simplicite = With Simplicity, it is very modern and caters well for the expat community as they speak damn good English. Today’s guests included two French workmen, two retired dutch residents, two retired English residents and two windswept geocachers from NZ, who loved the warmth of the conservatory area.

Today’s menu...
ENTRÉE: Salmon quiche and salad
MAIN: Choice of; roast beef steak with pepper sauce (pass I’m scared it will be raw), Toulouse sausage in red wine sauce or cod in a white sauce. He had the sausage and it came with the most delicious chips, I had the fish and it came with rice, beans and Roger’s chips. I think I got green beans with mine because I didn’t eat my salad entree.
CHEESE: Cheese board and baguette
DESSERT: Crème caramel
Also in the €14 price was 25cl of wine and a coffee
If you are local and in the know you can swap your desert or entrée for something different. We were more than happy with ours and would definitely come back.

Because Our North Shore wine expert told us it was International Sauvignon Blanc day Roger got the white wine and I persevered through a glass of the red.

resturant loubes-Bèrnac resturant loubes-Bèrnac

Feeling fat, full and nicely warmed up, we walked off our lunch with a couple of long geocaches and even found one in the woods that hadn’t been discovered since 2016.

loubes-bèrnac old church

Jeannine & Roger

A couple of people who decided to try living in France for three months, to absorb some of the culture and to try a diet of Baguette, cheese and wine.

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